New Single ! "WE GOT TO BE TOGETHER" - ROYAL SOUNDS featuring Macka B’s Roots Ragga Band

Digital Single Release: 
26 March 2021 

Deeper Vision Review: This brand new single from Royal Sounds and Macka B's Roots Ragga Band is a crucial rendition of The Wailing Soul's 1979 release "We Got To Be Together." A message of elevation through societal change and personal self-reflection. The theme of this song hits at some of the core messages of roots reggae music, the importance of gratitude, love, and self empowerment through positivity. Musically the riddim pays respect to the warmth of the original song while fusing the clarity of modern production techniques. Rich vocal harmonies , melodic guitar riffs, and subtle reverb FX's on the drums make for a lush soundscape of epic roots.






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