New Interview ! w/ E-LISA

E-LISA is a unique musical force, as both producer, vocalist and instrumentalist of her own unique style of Drum & Bass and a few other genres. Also, having the brand new release of her debut EP Reasons on Deeper Vision

New Interview ! w/ WheelUP

Off the heels of his hot brand new album  "Good Love" via Tru Thoughts, WheelUP drops the high energy Bruck Flex  with his broken beats remix of "I Told You" the Beatport House #1 by Canada's The Incredible Melting Man…

New Interview ! w/ Dr.Dubnstein

So you are a local of Maui, tell us a bit about the scene there and how you got started with music ? 

I was introduced to music at a young age by my parents and their friends…

New Interview ! w/ Marvin Walllters aka Jah Bami

When did you start playing Steelpan and was this your first instrument ? 

I started playin steel pan at an early age of 7, Yes it was my first instrument then the recorder was also a favorite.


New Interview ! w/ David Boomah

Take us back to the beginning in Jamaica. How did you get started with music? Who and what were your biggest influences? 

It really started in the U.K. before I moved to Jamaica between the ages of 5…

New Interview ! w/ Think Tonk

How did you originally get into Jungle/Drum & Bass Music?

Followed a path though breaking to electro and hiphop to house, techno into hardcore and into jungle dnb. Jungle sampled from reggae and dancehall: years later and exploration…

New Interview ! w/ The Incredible Melting Man

What are you favorite tools to use for producing? 

I use Logic Pro X, for VSTs I’m loving Substance by Output right now. There’s a great compressor/limiter I use as well called Velo2 that’s amazing for getting a lot…

New Riddim Album ! Love Like That Riddim

Deeper Vision Review: French label, band, and production duo Stargate Backing band drop a brand new one-drop style riddim album 'Love Like That Riddim.' The riddim is equally a conscious reality riddim as well as lovers vibes in terms…

New Album ! Blanco "Amigos De Sol"

Latin Funk / Cumbia (Avo #118) 

Release Date: 3/26/2021

Listen on Spotify: Amigos Del Sol

Deeper Vision Review: Portland, Oregon based producer Blanco drops a funky fresh full length album Amigos Del Sol on California based label…

Take Your Time - Visualization Music Video

"Life is the sum of your choices, so you should take time." The main hook of the new single from Anthony Granata, Ted Ganung & David Boomah. A emotive liquid drum & bass tune featuring live guitar, trumpet, and violin…